An Extra Hour

A few weeks ago we turned our clocks back an hour.  That meant we had an extra hour.  What should I do with that extra time?

One of the assignments I gave my class of high school students one year was to write an essay on whether or not they would like an extra hour added to their day, and if so, what would they do with it.  After they thought about it almost the entire class concluded they did not want an extra hour added to each day.  They thought they would probably only waste this added hour.

What I learned from reflecting on this question is that time is a gift, and that God has given me enough time to do whatever God has intended for me. I don't need another hour, except for that one day a year when daylight savings time ends.  The time I have each day is sufficient and I hope I use well the time I am given.  The extra hour?  I can't even remember how I used it.

What are your reflections on time?

Marie Lucek, OP

Juneau, AK


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