Giving Thanks...

This is the season of giving thanks!!  On Saturday those of us who had been in membership ministry during the past twenty-six years gathered to honor and thank our secretary, (who was with us over all those years) Mary Ellen Schonhoff, as she retired.  Over those years, she knew all of the women who were welcomed into the congregation during those years while also working with 50 of us who were involved in the ministry!  That’s a lot of people!!

It was touching to hear and read the many tributes to Mary Ellen in the memory book that the current Relationships for Mission team put together – that’s what membership ministry is known as today in our congregation.  Through it all, the many changes in name and personnel Mary Ellen was gracious and present to every person.  She understood that this ministry is about relationship and held the office together over all those years.

Ritualizing significant moments in our lives is important.  How have you remembered the significant relationships in your lives?  Have you been honored?

Ruth Poochigian, OP
Madison, WI


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