Preparing for Christ

Advent has begun, a time to hope, a time to reflect and a time to prepare for the coming of Christ.   My Advent check-in is to ask myself how is Christ present in my life and what do I need to do for a deeper relationship with Christ? 

I begin Advent with a heavy heart because of the pain and anger I see in people around the world: Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo (United States) and the 43 students abducted in Ayotzinapa, Guerrero (Mexico), the people of Iraq and the Ebola deaths in Africa.  

As a Christian, I am called to see every person as a human being, beyond stereotypes of race, class, religion, status, illness, and to see all people belong to one human family.    In paraphrasing Sofia Nelson, when we fail to see a person, as not human, we justify dehumanization.   The Gospel calls me to see everyone as sisters and brothers in Christ.    “Todos Somos Ayotzinapa,” we are the people of Ayotzinapa, we are one human family.   All are in need of hope, peace, mercy and justice.

So what gift can I give Christ this Advent here in San Miguel de Allende (Mexico)? 

I can pray.  I can be hope, peace, forgiving, merciful and just with everyone I encounter.  I can smile and say “Buenos Dias” to mothers briskly walking by taking their children to school.  I can talk with and be just in purchasing a handmade doll from a woman Artesano who comes to SMA to support her family.  Importantly I need to see all as my sisters and brothers, my human family.  

How will you prepare for Christ this Advent?   What gift can you give Christ?

Priscilla Torres, OP
Temporarily in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico


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