Thursday, March 26, 2015

Dominican Study

I am in the last four months of a year of full-time study.  I have been writing a thesis relating to the unaccompanied minors who have been crossing our southern borders.  As a Dominican, I have not and cannot just sit behind a desk to study.  Twice during this past year, I have traveled to the borderlands to understand in a deeper way what these young people experience.  During these trips, I have sat in court rooms, hiked into the desert to migrant trails, and spent days welcoming these newcomers at a social service center.  My study has also sent me to a nearby parish where these unaccompanied minors now live with family members.  I have interviewed service providers and organized focus groups with the minors themselves.

For the Dominican women of Sinsinawa, study is a way of life.  It happens everywhere we are and everywhere we go.  What we learn is that the mystery of God is unfolding. Study is actually not meant to make us smarter.  We are called in our study to be transformed by God’s abiding love, justice, and mercy.    

Peggy Ryan, OP
Full-time Student

Whitefish Bay, WI


  1. Beautiful! Thank you!

  2. None of us should just sit back and read about it. We all need to become involved. Think of the terrible suffering that occurs. How can people turn their backs on this human suffering?


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