Life Long Student

Two sisters reminded me this past week that I am called to be a life long student.

I stopped in to see Sr. Margaret.  We greeted one another and before I could start a conversation, she asked me to wait. She slowly began to speak in Spanish and was able to complete a whole sentence.  A few years ago, she told me she hoped one day to converse with my parents in their Spanish language culture.  Sr. Margaret started learning Spanish in her 90s in spite of her vision impairment.

I visited Sr. Catherine next.  She told me she was learning how to use her new IPAD.  This was a birthday gift from her nephew “to stimulate her intellect.” She asked if I could show her how to take pictures and email them to her family so she could keep in touch with them.  As I walked her through each step, she would write them down. Sr. Catherine just celebrated her 100th birthday in May.

These two sisters are life long students and they share and use what they learn to be in relationship with others.   

What are you learning and studying?  With whom will you share this learning?

Priscilla Torres, OP

Sinsinawa, WI


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