Where I am in retreat ministry we are transitioning from one retreat mode to another.  Summer seems to be a slower pace.  Really it is only different kinds of retreats than the last ten months. 

But another transition has been taken place at the retreat house - a technology one.  And it has our IT person frazzled.

Bringing our network technology up to date and ensuring all computers talk "nice" within the network has also shown that our systems have been harboring viruses that the very good protection program could not detect.  Clearing them out has not followed the usual plan.

In the meantime, I have contracted my own personal virus - a summer Florida!  Not the usual plan.

These realities got me thinking that each of us may also be harboring spiritual viruses, emotional woes or psychological impasses.  It takes courage to ask for Divine help (which often comes through human sources) to identify and receiving healing.

What 'viruses' might you be experiencing?  Who are your wisdom mentors - good listeners - honest with feedback? Be courageous. You just may be going through an important life transition in which those 'viruses' may be holding you back.

Roberta A Popara, OP
North Palm Beach FL


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