Grace in Abundance

I find myself reflecting on Sr. Peggy Ryan’s question posted on Catherine’s Café on Monday:
 And you, where and how has God’s grace come to you?

God’s grace comes to me always in so many different ways.  Fortunately, sometimes I am actually aware of those circumstances of grace. 

God’s grace comes to me:
ü  During my period of reflective and contemplative prayer each morning
ü  When God reminds me of something I need to do
ü  When God coaches me on what to write at this moment
ü  Through an unexpected call from one of my sisters
ü  Through the kind, understanding compassion of one of my sisters when I was under stress yesterday

Yesterday our Congregation, the Dominican sisters of Sinsinawa, began gathering for the annual event we call Community Days. God’s grace is always in abundance during those days. 

God’s grace came to me:
ü  Through all the hugs of greeting we extend to one another
ü  Through our 400+ voices lifted in song, prayer, and praise together
ü  Through Christin’s preaching at liturgy today
ü  Through the knowing in the deepest level of my gut we are walking together, supporting one another in the next steps of our journey together
ü  Through our deep listening to one another

So I ask Peggy’s question again:
And you, where and how has God’s grace come to you?

Anne Sur, OP

East Dubuque


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