Whirlwind of Blessings

Megan is here!  A Sinsinawa Dominican Candidate shares life at Monona House before going to her next assignment.  What a whirlwind of blessings!

It is also the last days for us to live at Monona House where we began a house with a mission 4 years ago.  Sisters and associates easily live with a strong sense of mission, but having a house with a mission may be unique.  We named it Monona House.  We live in  Monona, WI,  and the literal name, "Monona" says "beautiful."   We sought to be aware of the beauty of each person who entered Beautiful House whether to visit, to live, to meet or to perform maintenance tasks.  Four years later we experience the fruits of beautiful as we look through  Megan's eyes.

The dining room table is where many beautiful people share bread and life stories. Many come to share while Megan is here. We share  Navajo wisdom with friend, Omie pictured here.  But others come by as well, our 80 something neighbors who share their garden, community activists from MOSES (an interfaith group organizing for prison reform) and Call to Action, co teachers, our families,  antiracism caucus, people who have experienced the prison system, ministers or formerly confined and many others.  We have a beautiful place to share life!  Thanks Megan for your eyes and your energy.

Now we are called to a new place.  Will it become a house with a mission?  Where are you being called?

And you reader of this blog, what is your mission? 

Joan Duerst, OP

Monona, WI


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