What's Your Week Like?

Last Sunday in our parish church Sister Uloma renewed her vows as a Missionary sister, Servants of the Holy Spirit (Techny). She is from Nigeria but has been in the US several years.

I am renewed in my Dominican vocation seeing this public act of faith and commitment. My ministry engages me each day to serve others. Our life as women religious is a public declaration of our love for God and our role to serve others. This public witness of vows sustains my Dominican vocation and nourishes me spiritually.

This week I’ll be preparing classes as our English Language learners begin their Fall sessions. And then to close the week we will have an outdoor public vigil asking for justice for immigrants in the United States. One ceremony to another fills my week in realizing the need to be servant in this world.

What is your week like? How are you called to be of service to others? Come join us!

Kathleen Long OP

Waukegan, IL


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