To See the Fruits of Our Labors

Already this month, two have written about experiences of the Dominican Sisters Conference Convocation.  This was/is my plan as well.

My perspective comes as part of the planning committee.  We began our work more than 2 years ago and as it took form and focus, I came to the event excited and hopeful that those gathered would experience a deepening of our Dominican life and mission across 18 congregations of Sisters.

We prayed, studied, celebrated, reconnected to friends and made new ones, we acted as one voice around the issue of Climate Change and blessed four Sisters who will be attending the global conference in Paris later this on this issue.  We did this in the context that as part of the Order of Preachers our upcoming 800th Jubilee Year calls us to continue the Holy Preaching begun by St. Dominican and the early women and men who joined him.

As the days have unfolded since the convocation, I hear from attendees how the experience continues to stir them and deepen their Dominican call.

It was a gift to be part of the planning but even more so to hear what is unfolding for other.  Yes, sometimes we are allowed to see the fruits of our labors.

When have your been graced to see/know spiritual ways you have touched other lives?

Roberta A Popara, O.P.

North Palm Beach FL


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