Advent Longings

Dominican Novice, Quincy Howard, and 
Dominican Sisters, Peggy Ryan and Kathleen Long
 attending the Justice Posada in downtown Chicago
I started out Advent with an article that asked the question, “What do you long for?”  Is it crazy that I long for a nation and a world where each are welcomed and given dignity and respect?  When I attended the Justice Posada in Chicago, Bishop Manz (he is the guy with hat on in the picture) reminded us in a talk that the story of the birth of Jesus includes struggle and difficulty.  Oppression, injustice, and greed are all part of the story.

I believe the most important question is, “Where will you be this Christmas season?”  Are you in the streets marching?  Are you praying for peace and justice?  Are you working to make a difference?  How do you bring the Christ child to birth with your life?

So, what do you long for right now?  Come join the Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa and bring Christ to birth with your life. 

Peggy Ryan, OP
Waukegan, IL



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