Entry Points

I have been reading Hope Sings, So Beautiful; Graced Encounters Across The Color Line by Christopher Pramuk. It is beautifully written and illustrated. Today, I find myself reflecting on the title of one of its chapters, “Entry Points.”

Many times during the work day, I and my co-workers talk about ‘meeting clients where they are’ so that we can hopefully begin our best work. Recently, I saw a film “Paper Tigers” about an alternative high school that works with students who have been victims of trauma for most of their lives and the critical importance of hearing their stories to learn what happened to them (contrasted to what’s wrong with them) so that teaching can begin. For the past few days I have been thinking of a very special friend who had a stroke during the Thanksgiving holidays and underwent surgery to remove pressure on her brain. We are all waiting, hoping to know where to meet her in her recovery.

There are so many ‘entry point’ opportunities throughout our days, in our families and extended communities, and around our globe. Where or how might we meet in order to truly hear each other into a new way of being together?

Tanya Williams, OP

St. Louis Park, MN


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