As this new year begins I ponder the possibilities around me. The good news is that I have options and for this I am so grateful. My life is a series of blessings from God; living as a Dominican Sister I have options regarding my ministry, where I go and what I do. I have options on how I choose to live in community, hopefully participating and enjoying life with my sisters and accepting care for them as needed. My life in Waukegan has enriched my awareness of the needs in our immigrant community and the option I take here is to assist them in their journey to become citizens and not reject them. “I was a stranger and you welcomed me…” Mt. 25 Jesus in his wisdom speaks so clearly of or societal needs and the option for a person of faith.

What are your options as you begin this new year?

Kathleen Long OP

Most Blessed Trinity Parish, Waukegan, IL


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