Praying with Pope Francis

Each month Pope Francis, as his predecessors also have done, calls the whole church to a particular prayer intention.  This month, he broke with the ordinary way of giving this news by sharing his intention by video.  And he was not the only “star.”

At this link is the video. Please watch it before continuing to read this blog:

Pope Francis’ intention for the month of January is that we will be part of sincere dialogue with women and men of good will across religious traditions.  Why? So that from our dialogue will come the fruits of peace and justice.

For Dominicans – the Order of Preachers – as we continue to celebrate our 800th Jubilee Year, this intention this has deep meaning.  Around the world we encounter, dialogue, befriend, minister to and with, people of all religious backgrounds and some with no affiliation.  For as Pope Francis says: “We are all children of God.”

Personally, interfaith dialogue and relationships have been part of my Dominican life formally and informally.  Recently a Rabbi and his wife visited Italy and had a private tour of St Peter’s Basilica.  Upon return, he came to see me bearing a gift…a rosary from the Vatican. 

How will you bring to life this month’s petition?  How will you keep it alive throughout your life?

Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach FL


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