Selfies vs Self Reflection

Selfies have become a popular way of taking photos.  Even Pope Francis poses for selfies!  Last Sunday into Monday the four of us Trini Sinsinawa sisters met as usual for our monthly meeting and, voilá, we too posed for a selfie!  

But really, we met to 'take' a more important kind of selfie.  Being the start of a new year, we met to self reflect on the past year on a personal and communal level.  We let the four pillars of Dominican life guide our musings.  Our meeting was very revealing and like selfies some things we saw about ourselves, as individuals and as a community we were happy about, and some things we wished were different.  

Photos don't lie.  They reflect back to us who we are, what we look like on the outside.     I was grateful that this time of self reflection, also honestly reflected back to us how we were doing on the 'inside' in the areas of prayer, study, community and ministry.  Having seen where we were, we were then able to make some plans to guide where and how we wanted to be in 2016.  

Group selfies are fun to take.  Group self reflection can cause some anxious moments!  But by the end of our time together we were all still in one piece, happy to be sisters and able to enjoy a tasty meal together.  

How did you begin the new year? 

"Providence did provide. Providence can provide. Providence will provide."

Gail Jagroop, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad


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