Circles of Relationship

One evening a week I have the opportunity and privilege of co-facilitating a group of men currently housed in a County corrections facility. Regardless of how challenging my day has been until this point, I am soon energized by those in the circle.

The men who attend “Job Club” have been classified as low risk, have been interviewed by the program director, and are considered capable of successfully going out to work every day. Once a week we talk about situations that come up on the job or as they check in and out of the facility. The hopeful impact of the group is successful navigation of experiences in and outside of the work place.

This past Thursday evening, one of the residents asked to speak to me afterwards. This was his last group before being released. We had an incredible conversation; one that I am certain we would never have had without being in this circle together for the past eight months. He has been in and out of prisons and jails for the last 20 years of his life. His stories, shared wisdom, and humor have gotten my attention multiple times; challenged my perceptions and touched me in ways that help me become a better person.

In what circles of life-giving energy do you find yourself, giving and receiving?

Tanya Williams, OP

St. Louis Park, MN


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