Have you ever experienced in your life a time when you were at crossroads, an intersection, transition or whatever you called it?  A time when you were in-between two worlds or choices and both of them or several of your future options were all good?  Presently I am living in such a space.  It is definitely not the most comfortable space to be in.  I am in my fifth year as parish administrator and I strongly feel that the time is right to let go of this familiar ministry and people and move unto something new.  Yet I am not too sure what the something new is.  However, there are several options.  Have you ever experienced that?

Another challenge that comes with knowing it’s time to move on is trying to live in the present and complete the present ministry in the last couple months; yet having that feeling of excitement when I think of the limitless possibilities of the next ministry.  I find myself having to be very intentional about living in the present and not in the near future.  On the other hand, I also have to put things in place for the near future.

To assist me with listening, discerning and strategizing I have a great spiritual director and I also been recently blessed with the assistance of a life coach.  I am trusting in the Holy Spirit and I have been directed to trust God and not worry about anything; something much easier said than done!

What is the Holy Spirit saying to you at this point in your life?  Are you listening?

Lystra Long, OP
New Grant, Trinidad


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