Little Things

The little things in life make the big things work—and vice versa.  Sometimes I look around in my small community and notice how many little things get done—seemingly without organization.  I’ll be in the kitchen getting my breakfast, and I notice that “someone” has bagged up the garbage and left it at the back door.  A little later, “someone” else has quietly taken the bag out to the trashcan in the alley.  “Someone,” me, in this case, empties the dish washer while waiting for my oatmeal to cook. These tasks are very little things, but in a smooth-functioning community, they just “happen.”

My local community consists of a disparate crew of four Sisters from different congregations and nationalities, of different ages, and with different jobs.  What makes us notice and deal with the little things, I think, is that we share values—including sincere care for another.  Yes, we do our jobs, and one or another of us also volunteers at a food pantry, helps prisoners connect with their children, or tutors an ESL student.  But we are willing to deal with picayune household stuff because that’s one of the ways we live out our larger commitment.   

Win Morgan, OP

Madison, WI


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