A Life of Study

Dominicans talk about Study being one of the pillars of Dominican life. Lately, I’ve been thinking lately of how that means so much more than “book study.”  True, Dominicans are traditional students with degrees and certificates; some of us have impressive vocabularies and skills; these all evidence book-learning.  Study should, however, encourage so much more in us than piling up “credits.”  Study and everything else we do is, after all, in service to our mission: to preach the gospel. 

Formal study is only part of an attitude of learning.  We keep learning from everything we do. That is what matters.  Recently, when I rewrote a book review for an academic journal, a couple of editors made suggestions that helped me write a better review.  One of the computer techs at Edgewood College helped me recall the ins and outs of an editing program I hadn’t used for years. 

Dominicans do tend to read a lot of scripture and theology, but almost anything may prove an opener that allows us to spread the gospel.  Thus we’re open to many types of learning. We never know when something new we pick up will be just “there” when we need it. 

Win Morgan, OP
Madison, WI


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