At the Heart of Ministry Is Relationship

Have you ever after facing a challenging situation in your life in retrospect realized that it had helped you to grow and shaped you into a better person?  It assisted you on the journey of finding the true you?

We the Sinsinawa Dominicans believe at the heart of ministry is relationship.  This became a reality for me while being the parish administrator at New Grant R.C. parish.  It was through the challenges of that ministry for four and a half years that assisted in shaping me into who I have become today.  

It was through my daily interaction with all types of people, people I was expected to love and through various life situations that required me to lead by example.  I literally had to practice what I had preached on weekends and it was far from easy!Without those experiences my faith and ability to love and forgive would not have been tested.  My prayer life would not have been tested and strengthen.  My relationship with Jesus Christ would not have deepened.

I have formed lasting relationship with people who I would not normally have chosen to befriend.  I was taught by people who I would normally have considered unlikely teachers.  These are the effects of being involved in a ministry that changed my life for the better.  Along the way I discovered my love for preaching and teaching.  I definitely will never be the same person because of the many relationships and experiences gained through this ministry.

I would not have had the courage to even attempt this ministry, if it was not for the love, prayers, support and encouragement of my Sinsinawa Dominican sisters.

Now I look forward to another chapter in the journey, knowing that I have been equipped to encounter whatever may come my way; with the knowledge that I am far from complete and there is still quite a lot of work to be done.

What recent experience has called forth gifts and talents in you, you didn't realized you had?
What are your learnings from that experience?
Are there any challenging situation/ministry or job that you're being called to face?

Sr. Lystra R. Long, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago.


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