Where in the World Is My Sister?

Do you know that there are more than 24,000 Dominican Sisters in the world?  These Dominicans are living and serving in about 115 of the world’s countries.  Our Sinsinawa congregation is one of about 150 different Dominican congregations scattered over the planet. It’s a big sisterhood!

During this past week, April 28 – May 5, the leaders of these congregations of Dominican Sisters from around the world gathered in Rome, Italy. This important assembly is organized by Dominican Sisters International (http://www.dsiop.org) and it happens every three years.  During these days, prioresses (elected leaders) will explore ways to collaborate in order to further their shared mission to preach the Gospel. 

Imagine the Sister from Argentina discussing with the Sister from Ireland whether Sisters from Argentina might come to Ireland to study English.  Imagine a Sister from the USA discussing with a Sister from Zambia whether a Sister from the USA might volunteer with their community in Zambia.  Imagine all the prioresses wondering how to help as the prioress from Iraq describes the crisis her Sisters are facing in devastated Iraq.

During recent weeks, we’ve heard about earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador, political turmoil in Brazil, conflict with refugees in Germany, threats from Boko Haram in Nigeria – to mention just a few of the continuing global challenges. Whenever Dominican Sisters hear such news reports, we can be fairly sure that our Sisters are affected.

But since we’re all children of the same God, I guess that means that, whenever any one of us hears about critical events anywhere in our world, we can be sure our sisters and brothers are affected. After all, who are my sister and my brother?

Toni Harris, OP
Madison, WI


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