Be an Olympian!

I am known to NOT be a sports fan.  Just not what captures my imagination – except figure skating, gymnastics and a few other events that only draw interest occasionally.

But there are so many other ways to be in the world that capture true gold. 

One of the retreat programs that we offer at the Spiritual Center is a day retreat for confirmation students.  My part of the day is the gifts and fruits of the Spirit.  When I speak of these I also share that there are two important gifts/fruits that never made it to these lists: integrity and humility.

Watching the summer Olympics (at least until I have to really go to bed) I find I pay attention to the participants’ skills AND how they win or lose.  Is there a sense of those two unspoken fruits: integrity and humility?

More importantly, in my own life, how am I trying to live these out as one who follows the ways of Christ within my vowed Dominican life?  Some days are better than others.  Sometimes I sense I am close for the gold.  Mostly I know I am on a journey filled with opportunities to grow.

Integrity and Humility are willing teachers.  Are you ready to learn?

Roberta A. Popara, OP
North Palm Beach  FL


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