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Daily Grind

Monday, September 26, 2016

New Beginnings

Have you ever had to start something up from 'scratch' as we would say here in Trinidad, “Meaning to start from the beginning?”  I have been doing that in these last couple of months. The feeling I have experienced from beginning something new has been filled with excitement, fear, nervousness and anticipation.  I personally don't have the experience of being pregnant, however, something tells me it's a little like what I have been experiencing these last months.  I feel like l am figuratively pregnant and about to give birth to something special.

I have been inspired through my experiences and interaction with young adults and by the Holy Spirit, to propose to the archbishop in my archdiocese to begin a ministry tailored specifically for young adults ages 18-35.  I got the initial support from the archbishop and I took it from there.

I can honestly say that I am passionate about young adult ministry, to the point that sometimes it's the last and first thing I think about in my day.  I came to the point where I had to detach myself from the proposed ministry because it was becoming my personal thing and not God's thing.  I really hope and pray that this new endeavor endures the test of time and eventually becomes self-sustainable.  In the mean time, "it's all God's work," as our late archbishop Anthony Pantin in Trinidad & Tobago loved to say.

What new thing are you being called to give birth too?
Are you so attached to something or someone that you're consumed by it/them?

Lystra Long, OP

St. Joseph, Trinidad

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  1. This new venture sounds exciting, Lystra! Relating to youth is such an important ministry. Glad you are giving birth to this!


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