Monday, November 21, 2016

Mission is more than ministry

So often I think of “ministry” and “mission” as synonymous, both meaning “work” or “job.” As a candidate, conversations with sisters have challenged me to broaden my understanding of mission to include the other pillars of Dominican life: study, prayer, and community. 

Investing relationships of love, trust, and mutuality with one another to build community offers a powerful witness.  In the broader culture as productivity-oriented Americans, our identity is closed tied with what we do from nine to five.  When we meet someone for the first time, we generally tell them our job title, and ask them theirs.  We tend to define ourselves on what we do rather than how we are with one another.  Of course ministries – teaching, preaching, social justice work, direct service, legislative advocacy – are important for apostolic women and all committed Christians. 

However – especially in our polarized nation and world – our relationships with each other are equally important.   As Catholic Christians who profess belief in God as Trinity – perfect, mysterious, self-giving love between Creator, Christ and Spirit – we have a model of community and right relationship.  To be “on mission” is not only to work to build a holy and just church and society in our work, but also in community. 

How do you live the fullness of mission – including and beyond what you do during the work day?

Rhonda Miska
Sinsinawa, WI


  1. Thank you Rhonda
    Paula Gaudet DHM
    Daughters of the Heart of Mary

  2. Dear Rhonda, I always look forward to what you have to say. Some years ago, after years as a church leader who was physically very active - far beyond any idea of 9-5, I contacted encephalitis. there came an extended period when I could barely think, then a much longer time, 19 years now I have been recovering - probably about 95 % by now. I am no longer able to be as physically active as I once was, but the other aspects - prayer, community, study and more - there is so much more time for these now I am not dashing about. We need a balance.


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