How Are You?

"How are you going?" People asked when I lived in Trinidad and Tobago.  "How has your week been?" A person asked today hoping to make conversation.

"Where has God called you this week?" Is not often asked, but it is good for reflection as we come to the end of a week.  For me?
             •   To mourn with one whose husband had recently died.
             •   To plan with a pastor in how to share the social gospel, but also have compassion toward those who do not share his passion for justice.
             •   To be a peaceful presence in a moment of controversy at a board meeting.
             •   To listen to one whose almost adult daughter is trapped in mental illness.

So how has God called you  this week?  We might see how these calls fit the "blesseds" we heard Jesus teach in the Gospel for the last Sunday of January.  Then we might be able to answer the question, "how are you?" the way one of my dear sister friends always answered.  

"I am blessed."

Joan Duerst, OP
Madison WI


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