Different Gifts

A while ago, I was on the road for several hours driving to a class reunion with a classmate from high school, so we had plenty of time to talk.  I told her that a process many of us had gone through told me what I already knew: I’m pretty much a complete nerd.  Then she told me that she does something no one else does: studying and working with organizations and systems.  Our conversation made me realize that we were both thinking of our limitations rather than our gifts—and how common that is.

What is it that keeps us from embracing our gifts?  Or come to think of it, what does it matter?  These are our gifts.  What a waste to focus instead on what we’re not.  As I recently heard one of our novices remind herself (and us), “It’s not all about you.”  Yet because of our God-given gifts, each of us can offer unique contributions to the worlds we live in.  It’s what we can do that matters.

I have to ask myself whether I focus too much on what I cannot do and instead ask myself how I can serve better by utilizing the gifts I do have. You might want to do the same thing.

Win Morgan, OP
Madison, WI


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