Grow Community

In a previous blog posting, I mentioned a Study Circle that was formed to embrace and walk with one of our newest members in the Congregation.  The next topic of study is Community – one of the four pillars of our life.  The others are prayer, study, and ministry. 

During the preparation for this week’s gathering, I contemplated both the materials provided for our study and my own experiences of having lived in communities.  Many nuggets of wisdom regarding community were quoted in the study materials, but the one that most resonated with me was an article from our Constitution which says:

When values and goals are held in common, gifts nurtured, mistakes forgiven, and when persons are consistently and warmly loved, we grow together toward the ideal set forth by Fr. Samuel [our founder].”

Reflecting upon that statement, I realized that this is truly my experience of life-giving communities; and like you, I have had many engagements with community both in the Congregation and before I became a member of this Congregation.  I also remember a conversation with my mother when she spoke of marriage and what made a marriage work – basically the same principles noted above. 

What has been your experience of community?
Are you drawn to live community life with us?

Anne Sur OP
East Dubuque, IL


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