The Family of Preachers

A recent experience being pulpit preacher gave me new insights into being a member of the family of preachers.   I had been invited as a MOSES leader to preach about risk at a Unitarian worship service.

As preachers, we are part of a team.  Shown in the picture accompanying this post was the visible part of the team.  Fellow MOSES member, worship coordinator and yours truly.  I don’t usually smile well for pictures, but the camera caught me as I was recognizing a person I had recently met at a MOSES meeting. We had shared our passion for MOSES, (Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity.)  We work on prison reform. Her presence was a team moment for me.

I spoke of risk for the biblical MOSES, Jesus the new Moses, Harriet Tubman the Moses of her people, and MOSES congregations. Members risk speaking up about injustice.  I enjoyed having a day in the pulpit, but the real preaching came from the people.

 “I have found my voice today, and I am risking sharing that my uncle died while in solitary confinement.”

 “ I do not to participate in the specific activities of MOSES but teach people with autism who are in the county jail.”

I saw others at MOSES action day at the state capitol.

What have you risked to proclaim justice, healing and/or love?

Who is the team that encourages you?

Joan Duerst OP
Madison WI


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