Harvey ~ Irma ~ Maria

What's in a name.  As many Americans would say about the trio in the title - these are hurricane names.

Living in Florida, we keep a close watch on the weather as it crosses the ocean and this year has been

"Irma" became the one I had to personally keep a close watch on but others call me to be watchful for
those who were in the wake of destructive paths.  "Irma" stirred me to be prepared and I was but it is "Maria" and its aftermath that is the most alarming.  What is now developing for our citizens of Puerto Rico needs our country's immediate attention.

What is the Christian response toward those affected?  Come to the aid of those in need.  Our Catholic check list called:  Corporal Works of Mercy provides us with our starting place.

In this reflection, I am mindful also of the fires that have raged throughout the western part of our country (yes, more than California is affected), of our neighbors in Mexico dealing with earthquakes.

While we could feel overwhelmed, all that is asked of us is to do our part and to join others to bring relief and hope.

In the face of all these events what is one corporal work of mercy you will do for a far away neighbor?

Sr. Roberta A. Popara, O.P.
North Palm Beach  FL


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