Dominicans and Winter

Attending Taize Prayer on January 1, 2018
If you live in the Northern Hemisphere and anywhere in the Midwest, this has been a very cold winter.  Cold is good for lots of reasons.  Our Earth needs the cold of winter.  And, as Dominicans, it is our calling to bring love and joy and hope to cold places.  

Here are just a few ways I have experienced the warmth of my Dominican Sisters during this chilly winter season:
  • Early morning cups of coffee with my Crowd (that is nun language for another sister who entered the same year you did)
  • Phone calls in which other Sisters and I have shared our hearts and souls
  • Trips to the gym
  • Being welcomed home
  • A FB message inviting me to more communication
  • An invitation to Taize Prayer
  • Warm hugs
  • Sharing dessert
  • Fun notes in the mail
  • Sharing clothes
  • New Year’s Eve Prayers together
  • Phone calls
What about you?  Where are you finding love and joy and hope in this season?

Peggy Ryan, OP
River Forest, IL


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