Shopping in Lent

Potting around in the garden could prove risky if one is not properly attired.   Inevitably, I would return from the garden with a thorn in my finger, more that a few injections of formic acid from ants resulting in swollen fingers.  Not to mention numerous scrapes and scratches from thorny branches.

These garden creatures resent my intrusion into their space, and so up comes these various defense mechanisms.

So I have taken to wearing gloves and long sleeved shirts and I cover myself with a generous amount of insect repellant, organic if you please!

So what's the lesson there you must be saying.  I am just guessing (smile) that it is the same with us in our human relationships!   It helps to wear gloves of forgiveness and compassion, long sleeves of loving kindness and to cover ourselves with a generous amount of patience!

The season of Lent is a good time to 'shop' for these if we don't have them already.

Have a blessed Lent.

Gail Jagroop OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad  


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