If You’re Going To Be Late, At Least Be Present When You Get There

I am in St. Catharine, Kentucky, meeting with Dominican sisters in temporary profession in the U.S. and their companions. Our group represents the Dominican Sisters of … Adrian MI, Blauvelt NY, Houston, Maryknoll NY, Mission San Jose, Dominican Sisters of Peace, San Rafael, Springfield IL, and Sinsinawa WI. We are a diverse group of women from Cuba, East Timor, Hungary, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam Nam, and the United States. 

The main purpose of our group is to provide women in temporary profession and their companions an opportunity to connect, provide support to one another, and to get to know each other better as Sisters and family.

This post should have been out earlier but is late for the following reasons:

Gloria Arenio Agnes, MM      Isabel da Marjojes, MM             Christina Atienza, OP
Kelly Biddle, OP                     Barbara Blesse, OP                     Pati Bruno, OP
Juana Encala, MM                  Quincy Howard, OP                    Anne Keenan, OP
Hyun Jung Kim, MM              Marilin Llanes, OP                     Carol Mayes, OP
Kelly Moline, OP                    Mary Ann Nelson, OP                Mary Therese Perez, OP
Lorraine Reaume, OP             Bea Tiboldi, OP                           Christin Tomy, OP
Priscilla Torres, OP                 Chuc Vu, OP                                Pat Walter, OP
Didi Madden, OP                    Mary Ellen O’Grady, OP             Gloria Marie Jones, OP
Mary Lou Edwards, OP

Being present to these women, hearing their stories, their hopes, dreams, concerns and questions was my priority. I lost track of time. Although I am sorry for the tardiness of this post, I am not sorry for choosing to be present to my sisters.

How are you choosing to be present to those with whom you find yourself? How are you present to the gifts of Creation? How are you present to God?

Kathy Flynn OP
Sinsinawa, WI


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