Meeting Jesus at the Intersection

Two and a half years ago while I was in parish ministry as the parish administrator of New Grant parish, after serving for four and a half years I felt that God was calling me out of that ministry to something new.  Keeping in mind I never wanted to be parish administrator in the first place. However, it was what God wanted for my life at that time.  I must say those four and a half years turned out to be the best years of my life! They were also the toughest years of my life!  However, the growth spiritually, emotionally, intellectually and relationally was amazing. I met some of the best people and they are still like my family up to today.
Coming to the end of my time in the parish and having announced it to them, I remember one young person asking me why I had to leave, since I was doing so much for him and the young people in the parish and environs.  I told him that I felt that God was calling me to something more. That “more” turned out to be much bigger than I expected, so much so when I was first asked to be chancellor of the Archdiocese of Port of Spain, I said an equivocal “NO!”  However, again, God had other plans for me.
After my stint in the parish I became the Vicariate Catechetical Coordinator for 10 parishes, after merely two years of that I Knew I was at another intersection in my life. I knew I was being prepared for something big, however, my “big” was nowhere near God’s “BIG.”
Here I am today approximately three months as chancellor, a ministry I thought I could never like, not being the full-time administrative type.  However, so far, I am excited about this ministry and its possibilities to serve my diocese in numerous ways, not only administratively.  I wait with bated breath to see what the next few days, months and years will hold.  Knowing that I serve a God of the impossible.  I would have never envisioned myself where I am today, not in a million years. Religious life is surely never dull.
What new adventure may God be calling you to?
Lystra Long, OP
Trinidad & Tobago


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