Are we coming or going?

Several years ago one of our elder Sisters asked Sr. Ann Willits, OP this question:  Are we coming or going?  Ann was in the process of writing a presentation for an event as the Order of Preachers was celebrating our 800thanniversary worldwide.  She said the question was just what she needed for her presentation.

I have never forgotten this question and in times of transition it especially comes to mind.  For me this summer is a time of transition as I move from a long-time retreat ministry in Florida to my hope of developing an itinerant preaching ministry…and…moving back to the Chicago area. (Oh my – the artic vortex!)

This time of transition is filled with the question – am I coming or going?  The only correct answer is: YES!  That little connector – “OR” --  belies the truth about transitions because these times in our lives include both. They include goodbyes and hellos, letting go and going forth, people, memories and so much more.  They are seldom neat and carefree.  They are so worth it.

Are you in a time of transition? Are you at a crossroads of your life?  Are there decisions to be made?
Who and what helps you in your process? Are YOU coming or going?

Roberta A. Popara, OP
North Palm Beach FL


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