Review, Reflection and Resolutions

Birthdays and the end of the year for me is always a time of review and reflection of the year past and looking forward to new things in the year to come.  
The year 2019 have been an exceptionally great year for me, in that my ministry challenges me to become a better version of myself.  I am in a ministry that I am passionate about, because hopefully I am making a difference in our archdiocese.  My ministry challenges me frequently to bring forth gifts I didn’t even know that I possessed.  I think it is truly ironic that a ministry, that at first, I didn’t want, I am now passionate about and I am told I am very good at it.  I tend to believe it when one of the persons is the archbishop among others who tell me this.  God really works in mysterious ways.
Relationships are truly vital to me and to who I am as a person.  I lost one of my dearest friend and sister this year, she saw the good in me, she saw my gifts, talents and she also motivated me by who she was as a person to want to become and be a better person.  I truly miss my sister Tanya and our very real heart to heart conversations; she will always be in my heart and mind.  It is the little things that remind me of her and make me miss her.  I still cannot believe that she is gone.  I thank God for the gift of her and for her life here on this earth that touched so many people.  I thank God for the gift of friendship, sisterhood and family, which has helped to shape and form me into becoming who I was created to be.  
I am ending this year with thanksgiving and gratitude to God, sisters, family and great friends.  People who continuously challenge me to become and be my best self.  I thank God for my ministry and studies that stretches and challenges me.  I thank God for a great boss and colleagues.  I am looking forward to great things from God in 2020.  I know I will not be disappointed.
What are the things/people that stretches and challenges you to become a better version of yourself?
What things are you grateful for this year and look forward to in 2020?
Lystra Long, OP
St. Joseph, Trinidad & Tobago


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