To love life, to love it even when you have no stomach for it. . .

These days of national, global, environmental upheaval are a challenge for me. Yes, some days the messiness of life can be challenging and very disconcerting.  It is an invitation for me to lean into where I feel rooted.  It is there where I need to breathe.  

First, I lean into gratitude.  Where is it pulsating around or within me? I take hope in the witness and the work of my vowed sisters.  Look at what good work they are doing down at the border with our ‘southern’ sisters and brothers.  Or note the teaching that is happening with young children.  Can I  hear the compassion and empathy spoken to our service to the elderly? Whether in Bolivia, Trinidad or Washington, DC, who is speaking truth to power?

Meditation, mindfulness, contemplation is also salve to this messiness.  It is before the Holy that I learn . . .
                  "to hold life like I hold a face between your palms, ...
                   and say, yes, I will take you I will love you again."    Ellen Bass

When was the last time you caressed the angst of your life?  Can you share this with a friend?

KC Young OP
Kirkland, WA


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