Taking Time Away

During these days of the pandemic I have had a lot of time alone. I live with a younger sister who is currently working on a master's degree in counseling. She has many responsibilities and commitments, so she and I are on two different schedules. We eat and pray together and are grateful for each other's presence in our lives, but other than that we don't connect often during the day.

With all this quiet time I was surprised one day when I realized a great desire to get away to a quiet place where I could spend time with God and with nature. Didn't I already have this? Something inside me urged me to think about this seriously and to seek a different environment. I ended up going to a retreat center near me for three days. I brought just one book that would help me to go deeper into my relationship with God. Each day I walked around the grounds, marveled at the various hues of autumn, watched a flock of geese overhead, and thoroughly delighted in God's creation.  I had more time for prayer, for reflection, and for reading the book I brought.  By the end of three days I felt refreshed and truly blessed for taking this time for deepening my spirit.


How do you take time apart for reflection and prayer during these challenging days?


Marie Lucek, OP

Madison, WI


  1. I would love to know what that special book is that you chose to take with you! I am reading two books now to help me find more inner peace: Hunger for Hope and The Inner Chapel.


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