Monday, March 8, 2010

Community Gathering

I'll follow on Miriam's recent blog regarding the snow storm and our canceled local community meeting at my place. We’ve rescheduled for this Friday. I'm the Joeann that she mentioned in the blog. I'll tell more about myself the next time, but for now I'll just continue with her image of the space between the logs. The five of us who were to be at our supper community evening, bring unique gifts, talents and experience to our ministries: Miriam, as she mentioned, is in retreat ministry, Barbara, Judy are involved with Mission Integration for the congregation, Kathy is a hospice chaplain, and I'm an artist. We come together to pray, share a meal and study. We discuss various topics of interest to the broader community. We look forward to energizing exchange of ideas and mutual support, as well as sharing a meal. I've switched the Wednesday chili menu to a shrimp pasta one.
Joeann Daley, OP

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