Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Life of a Theology Student

As a Dominican Sister, study is important to me. Study is not to be hoarded for personal esteem or prestige. Its fruits are meant to be shared with others. I am a student at the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, TX. I love my studies and I find they are providing me the knowledge and understanding to be able to minister and share the Truth more fully. Studying Theology has been a blessing for me. Many times, I feel like a child, learning new things for the first time. I have grown in new awareness of the Old Testament, the early Theologians, Church history and Faith and Revelation. Currently I am in awe of Proclamation of the Word and the Theology of the Church. My days consist of reading, reading and more reading with writing as well. I am slow reader and struggle with writing, so I’m pretty busy with my studies. I enjoy my faith community at Oblate consisting of students, faculty and staff. The majority of my student peers are seminarians with a few men religious and few lay women. We celebrate Liturgy together, followed by lunch every Tuesday. I enjoy the fellowship time outside of our classes. We are all journeying together learning to bring forth the Gospel to others.
Sr. Priscilla Torres, OP
San Antonio, TX


  1. I truly do love the idea of taking theology classes; but, having only just finished University, i'm not so ready to jump back into the classroom/exam routine :) Have you come across any interesting, "light" reading that you can recommend, to jump start the enrichment process?

  2. nj sorry for the delayed response. No light reading comes to mind except a book we used in Intro to Sacred Scripture. It is an easy read and great for someone not familiar with the bible. It walks you through it and gives you a synopsis of all the books in the bible. Book: A Catholic Guide to the Bible by Fr Oscar Lukefahr,C.M. I hope you we enjoy it. :-)
    ps It has questions/reflectons,we didnt use, so don't know how helpful these are.


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