Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Real Presence"

Tonight I lead a class on “The Real Presence.” A group of men and women will gather in a small room I have set up for two hours of “theology.” It will be warm, deep, and engaging–real presence. All of my day, I find, has been about God with us. Eight voices were still with me from our conference call last night as I typed up our retreat team’s ideas for “Encountering the Sacred.” A sister came in and offered a treat from her birthday yesterday, knowing my love of chocolate. I spread out and pondered my papers on right relationships with seekers for our Spiritual Guidance Training Program next week. A sister came in to tell me that a sister friend had just received word of her brother’s death and I went to be with her. In late afternoon I welcomed someone for spiritual direction. Could God’s presence be any more real?
Sr. Miriam Brown, OP
Racine Dominican Retreat Center, Racine, WI

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