Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What About Those Beads?

Growing up praying the rosary with my faith-filled grandma, was something I loved to do; in fact, doing just about anything with her had meaning and was special. Her theology of “Rosary Saying” centered around her desire to “save souls from Purgatory.”

Later in life my mom used to tell me to say the rosary when I couldn’t sleep. Sleep was precious to the mother of nine children; her theology of “Rosary Saying” was about getting enough ZZZZZ’s.

Certainly as a Sinsinawa Dominican Sister of the Most Holy Rosary, I’ve had lots of exposure to praying the rosary as: a devotion, a meditation on Christ’s life or as a centering mantra. Lately, the Scriptural Rosary, where lines or passages from the Gospels, based on a theme like forgiveness, mercy, service, etc, and used between decades, has come to have renewed meaning for me.

What’s your take on praying the rosary?

Sister Christina Heltsley, O.P.
St. Francis Center
Executive Director


  1. Scriptural Rosary - what is it? I could use some help. Cathy Cullen

  2. Happy to oblige. "Scriptural Rosary" is a saying of the rosary with scripture passages dispersed throughout the recitation. For example, each Haily Mary would be joined to a short scripture verse according to the theme of the "mystery" or according to the theme chosen for that day, e.g., love, suffering, poor, Mary, etc. Main reasons: to break up the monotony of simple recitation, distractions, same old stuff. Also, to bring a new way of meditating into the prayer of the person, reflecting on the words of scripture. Resources available, I used to sell "scriptural rosary booklets" when director of a retreat house in California. Sincerely, Fr. Arthur Carrillo, C.P.

  3. Well at the moment I am the President of the Legion of Mary so you will only receive positive statements from me about the Rosary. I like the idea of weaving a bouquet of roses for Our Mother in the meditation and prayer of the Rosary. I wish all Catholics could come to a true understanding of its power, spirituality and peace and just how as simple and humble as Our Mother is so is this prayer for our souls and our relationship with her and God...



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