Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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I am chewing on the question: “How we (vowed religious) are different from say, the consecrated virgins, other than we have a congregation to fall back on? In today’s gospel, April 20, the people ask Jesus for a sign that they might believe in him. The desire today as well, seems to be for outward, external signs-dress, way of prayer. For me vocation is relationship. I explained Dominican life to the 5th grade as a desire to “tell the word about Jesus” like St Dominic did; and to do that with others that like each other so much we call ourselves brothers and sisters. Our Order- our club is also called a family. The energy of this “band of sisters” changes lives: those we serve as well as our own. In a parish prayer group, someone asked me was it hard to leave behind things like sex and a family. I answered that I did not feel so much like I was leaving behind as much as I was moving toward something that my heart sought. Happy seeking,
Sr. Mary Mc Nulty OP

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