Monday, May 31, 2010

At the Heart of Ministry Is Relationship

Classes at the Global Village School in Decatur, GA for teenage refugee women from Afghanistan, Iraq, Burma, Somalia, Sudan, Eritria, Kenya, Thailand, Nigeria, and more, where I teach nonviolent communication, concluded this week. I was presented with a hand made card which all 31 of the young women had signed, each with her name and a note in her own language. I couldn't read what was written however I'm fluent in translating gratitude. This specific card was made by a Burmese refugee student. The outside of the card pictured a tree in full bloom and read: "You Thank." I smiled, first knowing that this teenager in her native script writes from right to left and secondly, enjoying "You Thank." I do. It's been a year of learning and growing and thanksgiving.
Sr. Liz Sully, OP
Atlanta, Georgia

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