Friday, May 14, 2010

Is God Still Calling?

I have always loved the scripture text of 1 Samuel 3, where the Lord calls Samuel. The reason why I love this is because I can totally relate to Samuel who had to be called three times before he recognizes it was the Lord who was calling him. He was able to recognize the Lord’s voice through the help of the priest Eli. For quite a few years in my life I too was not able to recognize the Lord’s voice. Mainly because I was too busy to listen and I was living my life the way I wanted. Or so I thought. I did not have time for God, whom I felt would want to spoil my fun! However, there came a point in my life where I could not ignore the voice of God any longer. I had to decide if I wanted to listen to the Lord’s voice or not. As children of God I truly believe that when God calls we know, because there is a deep conviction within us. Like Samuel who had Eli to help him discern. I had my parish priest and other trusted persons to help me discern. Responding to God’s call is the best decision I made for my life. Being a Dominican of Sinsinawa sister continues to challenge me and enrich me. I know in my heart that I am becoming who God wants me to be, because of my response to the call. I also wholeheartedly know like Samuel God still continues to call us. Are we listening?
Sr. Lystra Long, OP
Trinidad and Tobago

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