Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Spring

It’s Monday and I’m still feeling the bounce of Saturday, the first day of Spring. I washed winter clothes and packed away sweatshirts for next year. I swept off my little balcony and put out two white plastic chairs. I changed beds from quilts to light covers, and thinned out accumulated papery stuff--outdated notes and expired “coming attractions.” Of course I did those chores in small bits. Most of the time I was outside in the “mostly sunny” day. I sat in my “deck chair” to finish best-seller The Help. I chatted with people at the Racine Arts Fair and walked the marina boardwalk; the expanse of Lake Michigan lay a deep blue before me. Back home, the evening trees stood silhouetted against an astonishingly bright yellow sunset. I gave thanks for Spring and the new life in my being.
Sr. Miriam Brown, OP

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