Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sharing the Story

I have the good fortune of being at my regional gathering of our sisters in the Northwest. I love these weekend times with my sisters. It is so good to spend time together focusing on mission, vision and values which we all share. The kickoff of each of these weekends is always the highlight for me. We begin with a simple psalm, often using one of Jan Merrill’s lovely translations. Then we begin to catch one another up on what has been happening in our lives and our ministries. What a blessing to hear each other’s stories as we comment on what gives us life and hope in the midst of our service. This last evening one of our sisters spoke so movingly of how a four year old little girl newly diagnosed with cancer has riveted the minds and hearts of all the students in the parochial school where she serves. The students’ faith is being dynamically shaped by her sweet joyous spirit as she faces a life-threatening disease. What gift to hear this story and to let ourselves be changed and transformed by it as well.
Sr. K.C. Young, OP
Seattle, WA

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