Thursday, June 3, 2010

Life in Community

In second grade my class was doing a song routine of “Deep In The Heart of Texas”. I couldn’t wait to get my cow-girl costume replete with gun holster. Later, I was devastated to find that we were moving before my grand debut.

Many years later our Atlanta community was laughing and talking around the dinner table. Our Dominican Volunteer told us that she was to prepare something for her DV retreat in Texas that combined the theme of community life and Texas. My missed performance sprung to mind and what crazy fun we had re-enacting the scene. This led to gathering costumes at the local thrift store and practicing the song for a video presentation. Check out the photo and you will see the result minus the gun holster which has since been replaced with a passion for a peaceful world.

Community life around the dinner table moves all of us deep into the heart of life, even redeeming sad moments and transforming them into creative ones.
Sr. Patty Caraher, OP
Atlanta, Georgia

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