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Daily Grind

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Web of Connections

So ... do you like these colorful beads? They are made in Somanya, Ghana from recycled glass. This picture reminds me, each time I look at it, of my participation in (maybe I really mean "belonging to") a colorful web of connections. I am part of a group of women who support this mission in Ghana. I was invited to join this group through a friend who took spirituality classes with me at Spring Hill College. Almost like looking in a series of mirrors, that connection was fostered through other connections, and on in a seemingly unending pattern. I am enriched beyond measure by those connections. I am influenced for the good, affirmed, and called to stretch beyond my comfort zone. The strands of my web stretch back, long before I was born, to my birth family, my Sinsinawa sisters, my Dominican family. I believe that through these connections, my connection to God is revealed. What does your "web" look like? How does it sustain you?
Sr. Ann Henkel, OP
Mobile, Alabama

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  1. Love those beads! We saw the women making them in Ghana, the birth country of my sweet nephew Ofori! Great reflection.


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