Monday, July 26, 2010

Embracing Life

In early July I was giving a week of service at Camp WeHawKee, one of our sponsored institutions, in Winter, Wisconsin. Girls from all over the world have been coming to camp since the mid 1920’s.

Many Dominican Sisters of Sinsinawa have worked at the camp in the summers, and three have been directors over the years. Volunteering at Camp WeHawKee is another form of building community with the campers, counselors, other volunteers, and our dedicated directors, Maggie and Bob Braun.

I also worked with wonderful people in the kitchen! How does one catch a whole cart of plastic glasses before they fall? You embrace them…then ask for help. That’s me in the picture taken by Maggie. I didn’t maneuver the cart to miss the obstruction in the path. People in the kitchen came to my rescue and we had a good laugh.

I think of this picture as a metaphor for the stages of growth on my life’s journey. For you wonderful people visiting our blog site, how have you maneuvered around obstacles to embrace life! Who has come to your rescue and made you laugh?

Sr. Colleen Nolan, OP
Oak Park, IL

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