Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Is Grace?

Many of us learned about grace as children from our catechism classes. In those early years, the rules for losing grace seemed clearer than those for obtaining grace. We always knew we needed to be in the state of grace, just in case we would suddenly die. We could even store up grace for ourselves and earn grace for those that had already died. Then came Vatican II, and it gave us a new view and language for grace. Even now though, it is still difficult to understand.

I would simply share what grace is for me. Grace gives me a new freedom, and self-knowledge. It is a source of strength during the times in my life I cannot explain or understand: death, illness, love, and friendship. I believe I have received God’s loving grace though everyday common events. I have especially felt it when working with the economically poor. The donors, volunteers, client families and our school families have opened my eyes to grace all around me. These common everyday experiences leave me filled with gratitude and in awe. I’m so blessed and graced to do something I really love. Any thoughts of what grace means to you or how you see/feel it in action?
Sr. Sue Ostrowski
Redwood City, CA

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  1. Loved reading your blog! Especially enjoyed your focus on prayer and your heart for the mission field. You can encourage others to pray for missionaries by posting the prayer request below to your blog's side panel.

    Many, many blessings!
    A Mom


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